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Clemson–MUSC Bioengineering Program Hosts RoboCup Junior Team

Robo CupOn June 23, the Clemson–MUSC Bioengineering Program hosted four eighth grade students and five faculty members from C. E. Williams Middle School for the Creative and Scientific Arts in Charleston. The students are members of the Robotics Club and are participants in the international RoboCup Junior competition aimed at promoting long-term interest in science, math, and engineering through projects involving artificial intelligence, robotics, engineering, and teamwork. The team won competitions at local and national levels, and they represented the United States in international competition in Austria in July.

The project was in the “dance” category. The students and their faculty advisor Sadie Fox demonstrated their project to about seventy students and faculty members at MUSC. Following the demonstration, students toured the CU-MUSC bioengineering laboratories. Bioengineering students Vince Beachley, Charles Daly, Emily Ongstad, Erin Pardue, Ali Serpe, Lavanya Venkataraman, and Ben Whatley participated in the event.