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Guigen Zhang Deputy Director of IBIOE

Dr. Guigen Zhang was named the Deputy Director of the Institute for Biological Interfaces of Engineering (IBIOE).

IBIOE, housed on the fourth floor of Rhodes Research Center, is a center dedicated to the development of clinically relevant biomaterials technology and products for disease management and the transfer of this technology for patient care.

IBIOE has received $2M in funding from the National Science Foundation (NSF) in addition to a $2.9M Department of Defense award.

“Dr. Zhang brings a unique blend of academic and industrial experiences to IBIOE,” said Karen Burg, director.

Zhang’s research focuses on the development of new devices that combine microscale and nanoscale structures for use in tomorrow's sensors, testing systems and diagnostic devices, as well as a wide range of other applications. He is working with the IBIOE because of its opportunity as an interdisciplinary institution.

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