Creative Inquiry

Creative Inquiry is a Universitywide initiative founded on the principle that engaging students in hands-on research mutually supports the goals of educator and student. Specific research-based undergraduate courses under this initiative span multiple semesters, allowing students and professors to work together on a thesis-driven project.

In the department, several principal investigators have incorporated this initiative into their undergraduate course offerings as BIOE 451. In fact, under the new undergraduate curriculum for bioengineers, the Creative Inquiry initiative will be incorporated into major course work.

Current bioengineering Creative Inquiry courses include:

  • Reengineering Medical Training Simulators
  • Functional Tissue Engineering of Heart Valves
  • Clemson University Implant Retrieval Program

For more information about Creative Inquiry, visit For information on how to become involved in a current course, contact Tammy Rothell, undergraduate student services coordinator, at