School of Computing

Undergraduate Advising Process

Steps In The Academic Planning Process

1.       Know what degree you are seeking - BS in Computer Science, BA in Computer Science, or BS in Computer Information Systems. Get a copy of the correct curriculum from the links below. Keep a copy among your important papers as this is the "guide" for what your academic career will look like.

2.       Using the curriculum for your degree, go to Degree Works (DW) (in iRoar) and add the courses you are considering taking in the “Look Ahead” feature of DW. This will create and planned semester that we can use during your advising session.

3.       Periodically review your DW Report and make sure it is accurate.

4.       Revisit your DW before you register for classes each semester. Make sure you are on track with the degree requirements. Recognize that all classes may not be offered each semester and be flexible.

5.       Each semester, review the frequently asked questions section. It contains updated information about changes and often encountered situations that may apply to you.

6.       Use the on-line calendars, E-mail us or drop by the school's advising offices if you have any questions.


Registration Clearance

To obtain clearance to register for classes, you may obtain it during your advising appointment with Dr. Smotherman, Dr. Lowe, or Dr. Martin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Frequently Asked Questions page addresses many of the common questions we are asked during pre-registration.