School of Computing

Top 10 Reasons for Women Students to Join Us in the School of Computing!

CLEMSON - With the recent addition of four new faculty members, the School of Computing now has ten outstanding women representing almost 25% of our faculty. Compared to the national average, of which only 10% of Computer Science faculty are women, we are not only defying the odds, but we are also one step closer towards attaining goals of preparing students for all aspects of computing by providing a stronger, more diverse academic environment as well as increasing our nationally prominent research programs.


Dr. Amy Apon-Professor and Chair, Computer Science Division

Dr. Kelly Caine, Assistant Professor

Dr. Shaundra Daily, Assistant Professor

Dr. Amy Apon
Professor and Chair
Computer Science Division  
Dr. Kelly Caine
Assistant Professor 
Dr. Shaundra Daily
Assistant Professor

Dr. Christina Gardner, Assistant Professor

Sandee Hedetniemi

Cathy Hochrine, Lecturer

Dr. Christina Gardner
Assistant Professor
Dr. Sandra Hedetniemi
Cathy Hochrine

Dr. Sophie Joerg, Assistant Professor

Renee Lambert, Lecturer

Dr. Rose Lowe, Senior Lecturer

Dr. Sophie Joerg
Assistant Professor
Renee Lambert
Dr. Rose Lowe
Senior Lecturer

Kyla McMullen, Assistant Professor



Dr. Kyla McMullen
Assistant Professor



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