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"The Engineering and Science Education Department at Clemson University provided me with the tools and resources to succeed. The faculty mentored me in ways that pushed me to think critically about my research and education but also supported my growth and development in a nurturing environment. I am truly grateful to be an alumna of such a unique and innovative program." Allison Godwin, Ph.D.

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ESED Spotlight

ESED Spotlight

Courtney Faber

Courtney Faber, a NSF Graduate Research Fellow, has been a PhD student in ESED since January 2013. For her dissertation research, Courtney is studying how undergraduates form researcher identities, what aspects of the research experience affect students’ perceptions about knowledge (epistemic beliefs), and how epistemic beliefs that develop during research experiences are translated into learning in other academic settings. The results of Courtney’s research will provide unique and valuable information for those involved with undergraduate research programs, as well as for engineering and science educators. Courtney will be presenting her work at the American Education Research Association conference in Chicago in April, and at the American Society for Engineering Education conference in Seattle in June.

In addition to her own research, she has generously helped others in the department collect and analyze data, and has experience with quantitative, qualitative and mixed research methods. Courtney will be graduating in August 2015, and has accepted a faculty position in the Department of Technological Studies at the College of New Jersey in Ewing, NJ. Congratulations, Courtney!