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Assessing and Managing Conflicts of Interests

Assessing Conflicts of Interest

Disclosures will be reviewed to determine if the financial interests or relationships with an outside entity are significant enough to create an opportunity for, or the perception of, potential bias.

Financial interests or relationships that could have potential negative impacts would be deemed to have a direct and significant effect on the research. Such conflicts of interest may need to be eliminated or managed.

Managing Conflicts of Interest

The conflict of interest management plan is an instrument through which Clemson University seeks to eliminate, reduce or otherwise manage conflicts of interest or conflicts of commitment.

Key elements of the management plan include:

  • Role and principal duties of the conflicted investigator in the research project
  • Conditions of the management plan, including involvement of students, postdocs, and employees if applicable
  • How the management plan will be monitored to ensure investigator compliance
  • Other information as needed