Honors Transcript Check

Honors transcripts checks should be submitted by students who are in their third semester or more in the Honors College. If students in their first semester or two in Honors want to discuss their Honors progress or future honors courses to take, they should schedule a meeting with their assigned Honors Advisor. A transcript check request is for any of the following: General Honors, Interdisciplinary Honors and Departmental Honors. 

Click here for the Transcript Check Form.

An honors advisor will respond to your request within 3 weeks of your form submission. 

**Do not submit a transcript check in the semester you are graduating. If you are graduating, go ahead and submit the Honors Graduation Forms.

Honors Advisors are as follows:

College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Life Sciences: Holly Williams

College of Art, Architecture, and Humanities: Holly Williams

College of Business: Holly Williams

College of Behavioral, Social, and Health Sciences: Katie Maxwell

College of Education: Katie Maxwell

College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences (last names A-Ma): Megan Wong 

College of Engineering, Computing, and Applied Sciences (last names Mc-Z): Erin Mahoney

College of Science (last names A-G): Katie Maxwell

College of Science (last names H-O): Holly Williams

College of Science (last names P-Z): Megan Wong