Eligibility and Application Process

Listed below are resources and information for students interested in applying for the EUREKA! program, which will be held in two formats during the summer of 2022, online and in-person.  If you have already been accepted into the program, please see Accepted Students.

See our EUREKA! Info Session recordings for more information:


  • Application due date — May 8, 2022 (11:59 p.m.)
  • Notification of admission to EUREKA! — Week of May 22, 2022
  • 2022 EUREKA! Program Dates — in-person June 24 - July 30, 2022 or virtual check-in week of June 13, 2022 with the virtual program from June 20 - July 22, 2022
  • Program fees due — June 1, 2022 electronic payment RECEIVED, not postmarked
  • Program Welcome Meeting — TBD 

  • Eligibility
    • To apply for EUREKA! you must be an incoming first-year Clemson student, having been accepted into Clemson University Honors College.
    • Students are eligible to participate in EUREKA! one time only.
    • You must be enrolled as a full-time student at Clemson University.
    • Students participating in the virtual EUREKA! program must have a computer with a camera and microphone as well as a strong internet connection.

    ALL accepted incoming first-year Honors students are eligible to apply for EUREKA! If you have questions regarding EUREKA!, please contact us at eureka@clemson.edu or 864-656-3363.

  • Program Fees
    • $50 application fee to apply
      • The fee is credited toward program cost if the student is selected for the program. 
      • The fee is refunded to the applicant’s TigerStripe account if not selected to participate in the program.
      • The only way a student does not receive an application refund is if that student is selected for the program and then choose not to attend.
    • Program fee due June 1
    • No refunds given to any student expelled from the EUREKA! Program.
    • $100 is refunded to the students who successfully complete the program. This will be refunded to the students' TigerStripe account after the poster forum.
  • Testimonials from Faculty, Parents, and Students

    What Dr. Pilla, a faculty mentor, has to say about the Honors College and EUREKA!

    “The Honors College is providing a wonderful platform for incoming students with unique opportunities such as EUREKA! I commend their efforts and encourage continuing to do more to sustain the relationship, experience and scholarship, which will eventually benefit these students to pursue STEM graduate careers.”

    What do parents say about EUREKA!?  A LOT!

    "When the EUREKA! program moved to a virtual format, we were honestly not sure what to expect. Between the planned activities with engaging counselors, project discussions with academic mentors, and the lasting friendships she developed along the way, our daughter ended up with all she needed for a smooth transition to her on-campus college experience. It’s so much more than just research!" --Linda Enger

    "This has been a wonderful experience for our daughter!  She has met lifelong friends!  Her research experience was SUPERB!  The whole program is evident of the excellence this University exudes." --Lisa Burgin

    "I can't think of a better way for an incoming Honors College freshman to experience all that Clemson offers than through EUREKA!  We have had two sons participate in EUREKA!  and it is PHENOMENAL!!"  --Marla Reece

    "An invaluable experience for the participants; they learn more than just how to do research - they learn about relationships, responsibility, and fun."

    "After 24 hours my daughter said she loved it. I said, 'You love the program? You love Clemson?' She said 'EVERYTHING! I love EUREKA!, I love Clemson - everything!'" 

    "The experience can't be measured in dollars.  My son started the program as a boy and 5 weeks later became a young man."

    "EUREKA! gave our son the opportunity to do research at Clemson, as well as meet/make new friends (Honors students) and learn the campus before school ever started!"

    "Incredible program!  Our son had the time of his life and has met some lifetime friends." --Terri Murbach

    "EUREKA! was an excellently run program that served as a great transition from high school to college life."

    "The best summer ever for my child!"  --Kristina MacPherson

    "EUREKA! was a great opportunity for my daughter to make friends and get acclimated to Clemson prior to the August move-in date.  She will confidently return in the fall knowing people, campus, professors, etc."

    "I can't think of a better way to start your college experience than with EUREKA! - especially for out of state students."

    "Truly Exceptional!  The commitment of the University and the Honors College Faculty and staff was unparalleled."

    "EUREKA! provided the best and most productive use of our son's summer before college time.  If he had been any happier he would have spontaneously combusted!"

    "This has been such a great opportunity for a reserved student, not used to being away from home.  She made new friends, learned the campus, and thoroughly enjoyed the research."

    "EUREKA! was a wonderful opportunity for our child to meet students and faculty, to be challenged academically and to discover his own talents and interests."

    Most important, what are the students saying?

    "EUREKA! was an excellent program for developing research and social skills, as well as learning to believe in yourself."

    "EUREKA! is the best summer I've had yet, and I'd do it next summer too!"

    "EUREKA! is really the best way to start off one's early Clemson experience." --Aditya Aswani

    "Five weeks never passed so fast!"

    "EUREKA! will shrink your fears of college and stretch the limits of your mind. Oh, and we ride roller coasters and stuff."  --Austin Hays

    "EUREKA! provided me with thirty-five amazing friends, five unforgettable weeks, and one summer that will never be matched.  I can't stress enough how outstanding this program is."  --Jacob Livingston

    "EUREKA! gave me the opportunity to truly expand my mind over the summer."  --Nathaniel Brown

    "EUREKA! gave me the opportunity to meet new best friends, do interesting research and get to fall in love with Clemson's campus even more."   --Grace Casalino

    "I was hesitant to give up my summer, but these have been the best five weeks of my life.  Every time that I talked to family on the phone they commented on how happy I sounded.  I would not have traded this summer for anything."  --MJ Carpenter

    "Deciding to do EUREKA! was one of the best decisions I've ever made.  Any worries I had about college are gone thanks to EUREKA!"  --McKinnon Reece

    "The EUREKA program gave me an opportunity to meet new people, become familiar with campus and contribute to meaningful research. I might even get published in two grad students' papers."

    "The EUREKA! program doesn't just give you an opportunity to learn about things you are interested in, it allows you to discover new interests that you had never even thought of."

    "EUREKA!: The inelastic collision of work and fun!"

    "EUREKA! gives every participant the chance to have their very own 'eureka' moment - without having to run naked through downtown." (Like Archimedes did!)