Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible to participate in the EUREKA! Program?

    The EUREKA! Program is open to any rising Honors first-year student. Participants are admitted by application.  For the virtual EUREKA! program, students must have a computer with a camera and microphone as well as a strong internet connection.

  • Is the program all work and no play?

    While the primary focus of the EUREKA! Program is early-start research, we offer a significant amount of social activities that keep participants busy in the evenings and on the weekends.

  • How regulated will the experience be?

    Participants are required to attend daily research hours and all social activities on the published itinerary; however, there is also significant amount of free time during the program. All attendees are treated like enrolled college students. While attendees do have participation responsibilities, the program is not heavily regulated.

  • There are two main advantages of participating in EUREKA! First is the opportunity to take part in early-start research with Clemson's top faculty. Many of our students have used EUREKA! as a spring-board to continue research for academic credit or even a salary stipend. Early research experience is helpful for students wanting to pursue major fellowships or scholarships, such as the Goldwater scholarship. The second advantage is the social benefit. EUREKA! participants tend to form strong friendships with each other that last throughout their academic career at Clemson and beyond.

  • Are there other reasons to participate in EUREKA!?

    EUREKA! provides an excellent jumpstart for college life. You will acquire your "college feet" by interacting with other members of the campus and in-person or virtually learning where academic buildings and the best places to eat are located. You'll also make a large group of friends that share interests. Your participation helps remove the fear of not knowing anyone when you first enter college. You will also meet amazing faculty and speakers. Many students find it easier to learn college time-management skills during EUREKA!, when they are conducting research and have the benefit of unmanaged free time, but not the pressure of academic grading.

  • What is EUREKA!'s policy regarding drugs and alcohol?

    The EUREKA! program has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy concerning drugs and alcohol. Program participants are held to local, state, and federal laws as well as Clemson University's alcohol and drug policy.

    Students found in violation of these laws and policy will be dismissed from the program. No program refunds will be issued for dismissed students.

Research Questions

  • How many hours will I be in conducting research?

    The hours vary based on the research group, but generally the students will work on their projects Monday through Friday. Research mentors ask for different time commitments ranging from as small as 4 hours a day to a full day. Some projects will require independent research under the direction of a faculty mentor.

  • How involved is the research project that participants are assigned to?

    It depends on which project you are assigned. Everyone has time to have fun and enjoy being a part of the EUREKA! group. Research experience is the purpose of the program, but no one expects it to become your entire life while you're here. There will be multiple opportunities for the participants to enjoy the Clemson atmosphere and the other EUREKA! participants outside of research hours. 

  • What projects are there and how do I choose one?

    In the application, you will list three research choices in order of preference and if you are selected to participate in the program the EUREKA! Director will assign your project. You can review the current research descriptions, then make your choices.

  • Who will I mainly be working with?

    The main person that you will be working with is a graduate student assigned to you by your professor. They will be there to guide you through your research assignment and answer any questions you might have.

  • How much work will this program entail?

    The average person conducts research from 9-4 every day with an hour lunch break….this time flies by! However, the project time is very research group specific so faculty will provide guidance on those hours. The non-project activities typically take about an hour each day, but may take more for certain activities.