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The Calhoun Honors College offers Clemson faculty a wealth of opportunities to work with intelligent, highly motivated and engaged students.


Many academic departments regularly offer smaller, focused honors sections of required courses with smaller enrollments. Faculty may also submit proposals to create a new honors course. Even non-honors courses can be "honorized" with the CHC honors contract.


Before they officially begin their Clemson careers, many honors students participate in EUREKA!, a mentored research program in which eligible faculty are paired with incoming freshmen for the last several weeks of summer. Once on campus, honors students seek opportunities to conduct research with faculty across all disciplines, and many of them end up presenting their work at conferences or being published.

Faculty across majors serve as research advisors for honors students conducting Department Honors. While pursuing Departmental Honors research, students can apply for Departmental Honors Research Grants which are funded up to $750.00 for the fall and spring semesters.



Top faculty are able to work with top Clemson students in the honors college in a host of ways: Dixon Fellows Program. Mentoring with major fellowships. Supervising departmental honors. As the Calhoun Honors College continues to develop new faculty- and student-driven programs, there will be even more ways to offer service to the University.


The Calhoun Honors College proudly presents the Bradbury Award each year to a faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the honors program.

If you are interested in developing a course, offering a research experience to students or otherwise contributing to the Calhoun Honors College, email CHC director Dr. Bill Lasser.