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Meet the Ambassadors

The Calhoun Honors College has four ambassadors within the College of Health, Education and Human Development. Please take the time to read about their involvement on campus and within honors below. Feel free to contact them with any questions you may have in regard to your becoming a member of the Calhoun Honors College:


Abbey Robinson

Name:  Abbey Robinson

Hometown:  Hilton Head, SC

Major: Nursing

Class: May 2016


Campus Involvement: Student Nurses Association (Legislative Director, Vice President), Fellowship of Christian Athletes -- Campus Missions, SmallGroup Leader, Clemson Executive Opportunity, International Justice Mission, Creative Inquiry (Social Justice and Human Trafficking),

Honors Involvement: Holmes Hall Resident, Honors Creative Inquiry, Calhoun Honors College Ambassador, SASH Mentor, Departmental Honors

Enriching Experiences: National Student Nurses' Association convention in Charlotte, Nashville, Phoenix; Departmental Honors Research in Philadelphia

"The prestigious Calhoun Honors College within Clemson University provides many opportunities for ambitious students to discover and grow their passions both within and outside of academia. This community allows for the collaboration of well-rounded, vivacious, intellectual, and driven college students by living and learning together. The Honors professors are the most supportive, motivational, and intelligent people I have ever had the opportunity to learn from and work with; they see potential in you and continually encourage you to succeed. I have really enjoyed the Honors Creative Inquiry that I began with my Honors professor -- she saw a spark in me and ran with it, and I am so grateful for the way she challenges me to pursue my passion. I wouldn't want to spend my college years any other way -- always busy, rarely sleeping; always meeting someone new and always learning something more."