Honors Academic Activities Center

Core Campus at Clemson University, Clemson, South Carolina

Designed for Honors students to live and learn, this beautiful facility is your to enjoy to the fullest. Enjoyment of the new Center is an honors and privilege that we hope you will savor during your time at Clemson! As members of the Honors community, you enjoy many benefits, including courses designed only for Honors students, free coffee, free printing, and free tickets to cultural events. Of course, another benefit is the use of the Honors Center and its many spaces open to you 24 hours a day.

The one major principle for use of shared space is to be considerate of other members of the Honors Community as well as the building itself. It is your Home!

The Honors Center @ Core Campus Offers Shared Spaces

  • The Great Hall
  • Student Kitchen
  • Classrooms/Seminar Rooms (2)
  • Study Rooms (3)
  • Honors Library

Guidelines for Use of the Honors Center

  1. All Honors spaces are to be used for events and programs associated with the Honors College. Honors college staff and faculty have priority for use of the rooms. Except as otherwise indicated, all Honors spaces are used on a first come, first served basis. Reserved spaces will be posted in advance for your information.
  2. Email requests for use of shared space in the Honors Center is required for the Great Hall and the Classrooms/Seminar rooms. Honors classes have priority scheduling in these rooms, but they can also be used for group meetings and studying. The Honors College staff also use these spaces. Requests are to be emailed to reservehonorsspace@clemson.edu.
  3. Study rooms can be reserved in 30 minute blocks by using the sign up sheet on the door of each room. Rooms can be reserved for no more than two consecutive hours.
  4. The work room and kitchen are open to you 24 hours a day, but CLEANING UP after yourself is required. If the kitchen has been reserved for an event, this will be posted.
  5. The library is always open for quiet study, research and reading. Please keep conversations low and to a minimum.

Code of Conduct and Courtesy Expectations

  1. Every student is expected to comply with Clemson University rules and state and local laws regarding alcohol and tobacco use.
  2. Keep all areas clean and safe
  3. CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF/YOUR EVENT - leave no trash, leave no messes
  4. You are responsible for the behavior of yourself and your guests!
  5. Do not remove furniture from the room it is in
  6. Failure to comply with general rules of the Honors Center may result in loss or suspension of use and/or referral to the university conduct office
  7. Report any issues to melisso@clemson.edu