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Employment Opportunities

If you are interested in employment with our department, please review the four (4) types of affiliation that exist within our department. To download the Membership Application form, click here. Applications can be sent to

Full-Time Classified Employee (FT)

Full-Time Employees of Fire and Emergency Medical Services are classified employees of Clemson University as an agency of the State of South Carolina. All advertising of and applying for positions are performed through the Office of Human Resources located in the Administrative Support Building on Perimeter Road; contact phone number is 864-656-2000. Position availability / posting may be checked at Current Position Vacancy Notice. All applications shall be forwarded and processed through Human Resources in accordance with the policies of Clemson University and the State of SC.

Student Employee (ST)

Fire and Emergency Medical Services has limited employment opportunities to work as a student firefighter / EMT each semester. Students currently enrolled Clemson University are eligible for student employee status. A student is defined as any individual who is enrolled in a degree program and regularly attends classes or other assigned academic duties during a semester, and whose assigned duties as a part-time employee of Clemson University do not regularly require more than 30 hours of work time per work week.

Special Event EMT / Paramedic

Fire and Emergency Medical Services has limited employment opportunities for the specific purpose of staffing special events. These personnel are not regular members of the department, and are not normally otherwise affiliated with the University itself.