honey bees on honey combClemson University Extension Service and Public Service and Agriculture (PSA) is dedicated to the educational support of SC’s beekeeping industry and agriculture through pollination. We at Clemson want to strengthen the bee industry through research-based educational programs on honey bees and other pollinators and will do all we can to accomplish those goals by working with beekeepers, scientists, and the general public. Please see this Statement of Services from Dr. George Askew, Vice President of Clemson University PSA for more details about Clemson’s apiculture program.

2015 South Carolina Beekeepers Association Summer Conference

Beekeeping program cover

Pilot program seeks to address honeybee-pesticide conundrum 

Honeybees and pesticides are mortal enemies. They are also among a farmer's very best friends. Wouldn't it be something if we could help them get along? Clemson University specialists are experimenting with a way to do just that.
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