Staff Development Program

2014-15 Guidelines

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Welcome to the Staff Development Program! These guidelines provide information to help you successfully navigate through the program to complete your activities and fulfill your goals. Please contact Karon Donald at 656-9000 for additional questions.

Role of the Coaching Team

The Coaching Team is made up of CU employee volunteers and is available to assist you as you progress through the program. The role of the Coaching team is to assist participants with their SDP project plans to ensure that their goals and activities are:

  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Have adequate built-in activity hours
  • Comply with SDP requirements.

How do I set up a meeting with an SDP coach?
Contact Leigh Dodson at or 864-656-3660 to make an appointment with the Coaching team. If Leigh is unavailable, contact Karon Donald at or 864-656-9000.

When are progress reports due?
There are four important dates in the SDP. On or before these dates, participants are required to submit their Goal/Activity Progress Logs and/or their notebooks. Progress review dates for 2014-15 SDP participants are listed below.

It is the responsibility of each participant to schedule an appointment with a member of the Coaching team before each review date.

It is also the responsibility of each participant to submit the required materials no later than the review dates.

Materials Required for 2014-15 SDP Progress Review Dates

Review Date

Goal/Activity Progress Log


Materials to SDP Office

Materials to Supervisor

Oct. 24, 2014




Jan. 9, 2015



March 27, 2015




June 5, 2015



Please note: A participant may be dismissed involuntarily from the SDP if that participant fails to meet two consecutive program review dates or if the participant has not completed a reasonable amount of progress toward completion of his/her approved plan (see Participant Continuation Policy).

Review dates and benchmarks are set for the express purpose of tracking a participant’s progress through the program and ensuring work is being done in a manner that allows successful completion of the program. Involuntary removal from the program may be appealed, but is not a grievable action.

Documenting Your Activities

What form(s) do I use to show that I’ve completed an activity in my SDP Plan?
All activities completed towards your SDP goals must be documented using the SDP Activity Form. You must include one form per activity in your notebook. 

What activities in my SDP Plan do I need to document?
All of them. All activities in the professional development, University involvement/service activities and core curriculum categories must have a completed and signed SDP Activity Form, as well as some other form of documentation showing your completion of the activity. Examples of appropriate documentation include a certificate from an online class, an email verifying participation in an activity, a syllabus from a course, etc. Forms for these activities also require signatures from someone who can verify your participation in the activity.

SDP Activity Forms for personal development activities do need to be filled out, but signatures are not required to verify these activities.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the SDP, such as how to fill out an activity form?
Please contact Karon Donald at 864-656-9000 or for general questions about SDP procedures or instructions on filling out SDP forms.

Counting Your Hours

You may begin completing approved activities on Aug. 4, 2014. 

How do I count the hours of classes I take?

Participants enrolled in college courses, including distance learning and online courses, may count contact hours only. Per the Registrar’s Office: 720 minutes equals 12 hours or 1-credit hour; a 3-credit hour course equals 36 hours; a 4-credit hour course equals 48 hours.

Participants may count the contact hours for seminars, activities and events at the conclusion of the event and must include documentation when progress logs/reports are due.

Only hours spent actually participating in seminars, workshops or training sessions may be counted. If you attend a day-long conference but only participate in a 2 hour workshop, you may only count 2 hours on your Activity Form and Goal/Activity Progress Log.

For SkillPort courses, count the Estimated Duration time listed in the details for the SkillPort course.

Do I need to earn a certain grade in a class to receive credit for it?

Participants must earn a passing grade for classes/courses to receive credit for programs of work. The SDP will default to minimum grades or scores determined as passing by the institution or program providers. Participants are encouraged to set goals to achieve higher scores.

How do I count the time spent reading a book?

Time spent reading is calculated at one (1) page per minute, which equals 60 pages per hour and should include the information listed below when completing the Activity Form and the Publication Reading Approval Form:

  • Book title
  • Type of book (periodical, research, instructional, history, education, pleasure, etc.)
  • Number of pages read
  • Project plan reading goal will be applied to (professional, personal, or service)
  • What you achieved by reading (the outcome)
  • How the publication was relevant to your project plan goal.

Off-Plan Activity Form

What if something comes up that prevents me from completing one of my planned activities?

In the event that an activity is cancelled due to extenuating circumstances (such as illness, death, or other unforeseen circumstances) the participant must submit an Off-Plan Activity Form to the Steering Committee for approval before participating in a different activity. No off-plan activity hours will be counted without prior approval from the Steering Committee.

The form must be completed far enough in advance that it can be presented for approval to the Steering Committee prior to the participant participating in the off-plan activity.

What else do I need to know?

Participants must enter and complete the program in a full-time, permanent position. Participants who voluntarily change from a permanent position to a non-permanent position will be terminated from the program. Participants must be in the same position number at the end of the program, defined as when the salary increase request is submitted to HR, as they were when they were accepted into the program.

Participants who voluntarily change positions during the program will automatically forfeit the salary increase at the end of the program. Participants who are terminated from the program due to a voluntary position change may reapply for the program after having been in their new position for more than one year, as stated by the SDP eligibility requirements.

Post Program Volunteer Service Requirement: All participants who graduate from the program must complete at least 15 hours of volunteer service to the SDP between July 1, 2015 and June 30, 2016.

Additional Resources

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