Accounting Services

Effective: 11/01/82
Revision No. 2
Revised: 5/9/01

Bookstore services are provided for all University students, employees, and campus visitors.These services are provided for student and employee convenience and to ensure quality products and quality service are available at competitive prices.University personnel are encouraged to utilize the University bookstore for all products and services which can be obtained from this department.

Department Purchases in the Bookstore

The University Athletic Department should use a University Requisition (CUBO 220) for scholarship purchases from the Bookstore.All other University departments should use the Departmental Purchase Card (VISA).

Office Supplies

Although standard office supplies should be obtained through the State contract, there are many products for emergency needs and specialty office supply items available at the Bookstore. Items not stocked by the Bookstore can be ordered and are usually received within three to five days.

Desk Copies

Faculty members should obtain desk copies of textbooks by writing directly to the publisher in advance of the need for the text. Format request forms, as well as a directory of publishers, are available at the Bookstore.

Desk copies may be purchased from the Bookstore when time does not permit direct ordering from the publisher. In these cases, a copy should be ordered from the publisher and, when received, taken to the Bookstore for credit. Neither the department, nor the Bookstore, should bear the expense of desk copies.

Required Course Materials

Required course materials, other than textbooks, will be handled in the same manner as all other bookstore items. Faculty members must place orders for these items with the bookstore staff in sufficient time for the items to be ordered and received from suppliers, prior to the time needed in the classroom.