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Accounting Services

Effective:  12/1/2004

Clemson University and the State of South Carolina enters into contracts with vendors to acquire favorable prices for many frequently used items or services, commonly referred to as State or agency contracts. Clemson University and the State of South Carolina has contracts with several hundred suppliers, covering thousands of items.

Departmental Responsibilities for State and Agency Contracts

All departments are required to purchase needed goods or services from the state or agency contracts, unless they are specifically exempted. Any questions related to the application of the contract or the services provide by the contract should be directed to Procurement Services.

Purchasing departments using state contracts are responsible for verifying that the goods or services ordered or received conform to the contract specifications and terms or each order prior to the authorization of each payment.

Each department is requested to address, document and report any issues related to the contractual terms or performance related to the state or agency contracts to Procurement Services.

Contract Links

A list of all state or agency contracts can be found at the Procurement Services website see
CU Department Info | Contracts