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Management of Outside Legal Counsel

The Office of General Counsel is available to provide legal services and counseling to all University units and personnel for matters related to the operation of the University. In some instances, either special expertise is necessary or timing dictates that outside legal services be engaged. The following “tips” are provided to assist you in initiating the engagement of outside legal counsel and to offer suggestions on the effective management of those services:

1. All use of outside counsel must be approved by the S.C. Attorney General. It is against S.C. law to use counsel that has not been approved in advance. This is true regardless of the source of funds. CUF, CURF, et al. are private not-for-profit corporations and they can engage these services without AG approval. However, they cannot contract for legal services to be provided to the University or for a University function. The Office of General Counsel will process and assist you in obtaining the necessary approval from the Attorney General. Please contact Beth Newton at (864) 656-3414. She will provide instructional information and assistance in this process. It typically takes 30-45 days to obtain approval.

2. Attorneys’ services are professional services exempted from State procurement regulations. Nevertheless, prudent stewardship demands that we seek to get the best price for outside legal services. The OGC will generally not question the request to appoint a particular attorney. However, in cases where the expertise in question is readily available or there is an existing approval that would suit the needs being addressed, we will discuss these alternatives with you. In some cases, an RFP may result in significant savings. Our goal is to work with you to ensure that you have quality legal services at the greatest savings to the University.

3. Once approved, the outside counsel will be notified of their appointment and the terms of their engagement by a letter from the OGC. A copy of this letter will be sent to you; and, upon its receipt, you may begin utilizing the services of the outside counsel.

4. Once appointed, outside attorneys are required to submit regular bills, on a monthly basis, for their services to the Office of General Counsel. These bills will need to be submitted, along with an AG form which will be provided to you by Beth Newton. Attorneys will be approved for a specified, maximum hourly rate and a monetary ceiling, neither of which can be exceeded for the period of time they are retained. The OGC will not authorize reimbursement for any invoice that exceeds the approved hourly rates or ceilings. You should review each bill carefully to ensure that it is accurate. For instance, if a charge for a meeting with you or your staff is included, be sure that your calendar confirms that such a meeting took place. Any unusual or apparently inaccurate charges should be brought to the attention of the OGC. All bills will be sent directly from the firm to the OGC for approval for payment, where they will be checked to make sure that the ceiling is not exceeded and hourly rates are accurate. The bills will then be sent to your department for payment. At that point, it becomes the department’s responsibility to review the bills and make sure they are accurate before making payment. Any discrepancies or issues identified should be brought to the attention of the outside attorney and an explanation requested.

5. As pointed out earlier, there is a monetary ceiling that is approved by the AG’s Office for the period of time the outside attorney is retained. The OGC will monitor invoices as they come in. If we notice that the amount being paid to the attorney is approaching the ceiling limit, you will be notified and a decision will be made on whether or not to request that the ceiling be increased. Someone in your department should also monitor payments. No invoices will be paid that exceed the approved ceilings.

The OGC is available at any time to consult with you on any facet of the management of outside counsel. Please do not hesitate to contact us at (864) 656-3414 or by email to