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Effective:  07/01/09
Revised:    07/01/09

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Corrections to previously posted payroll transactions may be submitted, approved and posted as of the current date.  Payroll transactions are presumed to have been approved on the “front end” and supported by timesheets, Principal Investigator certifications, and other written documentation. 

Corrections should only be made to address errors that occurred in posting, or to adjust based on subsequent information that was not available as of the posting of the original transaction.  Corrections submitted on or after 90 days from the original payroll transaction must be approved and supported by written permission from the mission Vice President (VP) or his or her designee.  A copy of the VP approval is to be retained at the departmental level along with other supporting documentation for the correction.


While payroll corrections are sometimes necessary, it is important to note that they cannot usually be processed in the same accounting period in which the original transaction occurred.  Usually, the original accounting period, or fiscal year, will be closed.  Audits, billing and other processes will have likely been based upon the originally posted transaction.  For that reason, any correction to a previously posted payroll transaction must be posted in the current accounting period.

Payroll corrections may only be submitted through a custom “Payroll Correction Form” that may be accessed from the CUBS home page.  This form requires employee id, journal id, and chartfield string information on a transaction-by-transaction basis.  Submitted payroll correction (PRC) transactions are loaded to CUBS Financials for approval nightly.  Individuals with approval status for PRC transactions must have sufficient knowledge of the reason for the correction, and, if necessary, must verify that mission VP approval has been obtained for corrections occurring 90 days on or after the original payroll transaction.