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Revised:   07/01/02

Maintenance of University Documents and Records

All documents and records within the University must be retained in a manner which provides for access by faculty and staff in carrying out their normal job assignments and responsibilities and reasonable protection against loss, destruction, or theft.  University records should remain on the premises at all times.  South Carolina Act No. 291, 1973, Provides specific penalties for certain acts or neglect of duty by public officials or custodians of public records.

Responsibilities assigned to various University administrator are as follows:  

  1. The President, vice presidents, deans directors, and department heads are responsible for maintaining an adequate filing system and for coordinating with the Records Management Office to ensure the proper disposition of all records.  
  2. All entities (offices, departments, institutes, foundations, etc) publishing any document. compilation, register, book, pamphlet, report, map, leaflet, order regulation, directory, periodical, magazine, or similar written material excluding interoffice communications should forward 2 copies of all publications to the University Archives and 15 copies of all publications should be mailed to the South Carolina State Library in Columbia within 15 days.  The Address to the State Library is: S.C. State Library, P.O. Box 11469, Columbia, SC 29211.  (See Statutory Code SC Code, Sec. 60-2-30).  This policy may be waived if (1) the publication is of ephemeral value, (2) less than 10 copies are printed, or (3) the issuing agency requests a waiver.   
  3. The Dean of Libraries has the authority, as the agency representative, to act for the President of the University to authorize the disposition of records based upon records retention and disposition schedules approved by the State Department of Archives and History and the State Budget and Control Board.
  4. The University Archivist will be involved in the selection of historical records.

No Records may be destroyed or discarded without the approval of the Records Management Office.