Accounting Services

Effective:  10/1/1999 
Revised:   11/1/2006

Responsible Office: Controller

Rental charges to University E&G and PSA funded activities are not appropriate when the facility is funded and maintained by legislative appropriation and/or general student tuition and fees with the following exceptions:

  • Additional costs are incurred to provide a service such as overtime or hiring of additional employees.
  • Specialized equipment maintained by departmental resources is required.
  • Events are primarily social in nature.
  • Events that are conducted in Conference or Auxiliary facilities. (i.e., Madren Center, Clemson House, Housing, Residence Life and Outdoor Research Laboratory.)

Approved rental rates may be charged for non-University use of facilities.

Proceeds are to be deposited in University departmental revenue accounts and should be used for maintenance or improvement of the facility and equipment. If additional costs are incurred by the department, these costs should also be paid from the rental proceeds.

The office with responsibility for scheduling use is authorized to waive rental charges when use promotes the mission and program of Clemson University. However, waivers should not be approved when any private individual will personally profit from free or discounted use of the facility. Waivers should be documented and available for review.

Scheduling departments are responsible for ensuring University activities are not displaced due to facility rental and the appropriate insurance coverage is provided by any external user. For assistance with insurance requirements, the department should contact the University Risk Management Office.

Please note this policy does not change existing policies regarding management or scheduling of classrooms. Classrooms should continue to be considered University Space.

All charges must be approved and published.