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Effective:  10/01/1999 
Revised:   New Policy

Responsible Office: Environmental Health and Safety

Regulatory Authority: South Carolina Clean Indoor Air Act as subsequently amended

The purpose of this policy is to protect overall health and air quality within Clemson University buildings and thereby to foster a healthful and safe working environment within those buildings.


  • Smoking or the possession of light smoking material in any form is prohibited in all indoor areas of any building on campus operated under the control of the University except those identified in © below.
  • This policy does not apply to 1) those locations on campus where food and/or alcoholic beverages are commercially sold, provided these locations have a separate ventilation system installed for the smoking area, 2) hotel rooms, 3) private residences, and (4) private living areas of student residence halls.*
  • Smoking and possession of lighted smoking material are permitted in legitimate theatrical performances.
  • Enforcement of the policy is the responsibility of the offending employee's chain of command and will be consistent with disciplinary actions taken for violation of University Policies.

*This statement does not mean that smoking is automatically allowed in situations where this policy does not apply. The decision on whether smoking will be allowed in situations where this policy does not apply is to be determined by the individual responsible for the building in question.