Accounting Services

Effective:  November 1, 1982
Revision No. 2
Revised:  November 28, 2018
General Policy 

University policy does not permit the operation of any concession, including vending machine equipment, or any other sales operation, the profits of which inure to the benefit of any private person or group, either student or faculty.

Vending Machines

The operation of vending equipment on the University's campus is a complex commercial operation and produces a significant amount of revenue for the University.  Examples of vending equipment include but are not limited to beverage and/or snack machines, ATMs, gumball machines, etc.  Efficiency in the administration and supervision of vending operations requires all departments, groups, and individuals comply with the following policies and procedures relating to vending equipment:

  1. Vending machine equipment may be installed on University premises only under the terms of a formal contract between the vending company and the University.  This contract is awarded after bids have been taken by the University Purchasing Department. 
  2. Deans, directors, or administrative heads desiring installation of vending equipment in their areas of operation should make a written request for the required equipment to University Housing & Dining.
  3. Appropriate personnel from University Housing & Dining, Fire Department, and Facilities Maintenance and Operations will inspect the location and review the utility service requirements of such installations with the department.  If all parties concur on the machine location and that the installation is warranted, University Housing & Dining will secure the desired equipment under existing or new contracts. 
  4. Vending equipment should be kept to a minimum in academic buildings, and should not be requested unless justified for service and convenience to students, employees, and visitors. 
  5. Revenue from vending equipment installations, other than those in regular revenue producing auxiliary enterprises, are credited to the vending fund of the University and used for the benefit of the University and its students.