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Accounting Services

Effective: 09/18/17

Related Policy


  • The Controller’s Office will send an email to all University employees explaining the new Complimentary and Discounted Event Tickets and Passes Policy
  • The Controller’s Office will draft an Inside Clemson article to inform all people who may be impacted by the new Complimentary and Discounted Event Tickets and Passes Policy

Ticket Office – (Includes Athletics, Performing Arts events, and Student Affairs Concerts and Events)

  • Issues complimentary tickets to games, concerts, and events.
  • Each ticket office is responsible for gathering and submitting the following complimentary ticket information to the Controller’s Office:  the name of the recipient; recipient’s contact information (i.e. email); and number of tickets distributed.

Controller’s Office

  • Emails ticket recipients notifying them of Clemson University’s Complimentary and Discount Ticket Policy and the documentation they are required to provide to avoid taxation.  Individual ticket recipients and offices with record-keeping responsibility will be asked to complete the Use of Complimentary Ticket Form and return to:


  • Receives Use of Complimentary Ticket Forms from individuals and offices with record-keeping responsibility. 
  • Compiles taxable fringe benefits for the measurement period July 1st through June 30th during the month of July.  Notifies employees of details and advises that withholdings will begin in August and will be spread over multiple pay periods depending on the face value of the benefits received.

Payroll Office

  • Reports and withholds applicable taxes as needed beginning 8/15-10/31