Finance Division

Pooled Fringe Benefit Rates for Fiscal Year 2009-2010

9 month employees 28.5%
(9 month faculty)

12 month employees 34.3%

(Federal, temporary grant, and 12 month faculty and staff)

Students 5.1%
(Undergraduate and graduate students)

Part-time 22.0%
(Returning retirees, permanent part-time and temporary employees)

The following four fringe benefit accounts are used for employer fringe activities which are included in the pooled fringe rate (FICA, retirement, insurance, etc.)

5220 Pooled Fringes 9 Mo Employee

5221 Pooled Fringes 12 Mo Employee

5222 Pooled Fringes PT/Temp Employee

5223 Pooled Fringes Student Employee