Types of Students


Freshmen are typically students who attend right after they graduate from high school. They are eligible for recruiting scholarships, plus state and/or federal aid.

Transfer Students

Transfer students are students who transfer from another institution, including the Bridge to Clemson program. They are eligible for state and/or federal aid their first semester at Clemson.

Continuing Undergraduates

All undergraduate students are considered continuing or returning students after they complete their first academic year at Clemson. These students are eligible for university, state and/or federal aid.

Graduate Students

Most graduate aid is administered by the Graduate School through graduate assistantship and fellowship programs. Federal and private loan programs are also available. 

International Students

Undergraduate international students are generally not eligible for financial assistance through federal and institutional programs. Assistance may be available to international graduate students through programs administered through the Graduate School.


Most VA benefits are handled by the Registrar's Office. More information can be read at http://www.registrar.clemson.edu/html/veteran.htm.

Senior Citizens

Senior citizens over the age of 60 who live in South Carolina can receive free tuition to attend classes at Clemson University.

Cooperative Education/Internships

There are steps to take with the Office of Student Financial Aid if you plan to complete an internship or co-op through Clemson University.

Study Abroad

Those who wish to receive financial aid for course work outside the United States should contact Student Financial Aid at least three months prior to their departure in order to set up an appointment with the Financial Aid Study Abroad Coordinator.

Summer Session

Summer financial aid is not processed automatically based on the submission of the FAFSA. Students must request summer aid in writing in order to have funds available by the payment deadlines.