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Additional Clemson University Scholarships

Special Programs

Special programs administered by Clemson University provide financial assistance to students involved in specific activities. These sources of aid recognize participation in designated extracurricular activities or academic programs. Voluntary withdrawal from participation in the activity results in the immediate cancellation of the grant-in-aid.

Students should check with their departments and colleges about the availability of scholarships not directly administered by the University. Faculty members often help administer grants and support from outside sources.

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Additional Clemson Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Engineering and Science is pleased to announce a new Michelin Annual Scholarship Program in support of international program initiatives of the college. These Michelin Scholarships will help support outstanding students in selected Engineering and Science disciplines who undertake a rigorous program of study for developing French language fluency. Students involved in the program may also be eligible to participate in coop and/or internships in Michelin Facilities in North America and France. Being selected a Michelin Scholar will assist these selected students in completing requirements for the new College of Engineering and Science Certificate in International Engineering and Science. Criteria for applicants and link to an application form are available at

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