New Grading Policy FAQ

Before changing a grade, consider these options.

  1. Academic advisors will help students determine which grading strategy is most advantageous based on the individual student’s academic goals.
  2. You are encouraged to input any grade changes into the GPA calculator provided by the Clemson University Academic Success Center.
  3. Check scholarship requirements in iROAR or the Clemson Scholarship website.
  4. As a resource, the Offices of Student Financial Aid and Scholarships have created some common FAQs below.  Please read each one carefully and follow up with any questions you may have regarding how your scholarship could be impacted by changing a grade.

How does the new grading policy affect scholarship renewals?

*Please note that renewal requirements for scholarships have not changed. It is important to review the scholarship renewal information on iROAR and the Clemson Scholarship website.

**The Scholarship Office is not an authority regarding your overall academic needs. Please discuss all grading options with your advisors as your decisions impact things other than scholarships (graduate school applications, making academic progress in your major, etc.).

How does the new grading policy affect Satisfactory Academic Progress (Federal Aid)?