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Outside Scholarship Searches

Free Scholarship Search Services: While Clemson University does not specifically endorse any of the services listed below, we do encourage students to use them.

Beware of Scholarship Scams

Scam Warning Signs:

  • You have to pay a fee
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Credit card/bank account information required
  • Offers exclusive information

Common Scams:

  • Phony Scholarship — promises cash if you pay a registration fee
  • Phony Scholarship Matching Service — pay a fee and they guarantee you will win awards
  • Phony Educational Loan — pay a fee and receive a low interest loan
  • Phony Financial Aid Seminar — a high pressure, poorly concealed sales pitch

In addition to the search sites listed below, students can learn about the availability of private aid by checking with high school guidance counselors, churches, community organizations and parents' employers. Reference books and scholarship directories are available in local libraries.

Recommended Scholarship Search Services:

Fast Web
College Board
Sallie Mae's College Answer
US News

Other Services:

Academic Invest
African-American Scholarships
Scholarships by Demographic/Major
Best of the Web (BOTW)
Club Scholarships
College Planning Network
College Scholarships
College View
EDU Prep
Gates Millennium Scholars
Go College
Grants, Scholarships and MORE
Hispanic Scholarships
International Education Financial Aid
Military Scholarships
Next Student
Scholarship Experts
Scholarship Guidance
Scholarship Hunter
Scholarship News
Scholarships Live
Search 4 Scholarship
Student Awards
Super College
Reporting External Scholarships to Clemson University