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  • Participation
    • Coordinate the Annual Best Practices Conference on Black Student Achievement
    • Supervise the University’s Office of Access and Equity
    • Participate in the President’s Administrative Council
    • Serve on the City-University Advisory Board
    • Participate on the President’s Commission on Black Faculty and Staff and Women’s Commission
    • Coordinate the Diversity Administrator’s Group
    • Assist the Hispanic Task Force
    • Consult with various campus and off-campus constituencies regarding diversity matters
    • Facilitate recruitment of diverse faculty, staff and students

    “The price of the democratic way of life is a growing appreciation of people’s difference, not merely as tolerable, but as the essence of a rich and rewarding human experience.”
      — Jerome Nathanson 1908-1975

  • Coordinator for Faculty Diversity and Development

    Curtis White is responsible for developing and launching programs to attract a more diverse pool of candidates for faculty positions and for efforts to increase diversity in faculty hires. This may include but is not limited to: establishing significant and meaningful relationships with faculty prospects from underrepresented and undeserved populations, establishing networking relationships with other universities, representing Clemson University at recruiting events and conferences to interact with future faculty from underrepresented groups, as well as developing information resources targeted to underrepresented groups to advertise the teaching, research and mentoring opportunities available at Clemson.

    White participates in strategic planning meetings with the Chief Diversity Officer and other senior leaders to attract faculty prospects from underrepresented groups to campus. He assists search committees to recruit faculty applicants from underrepresented groups. He serves as a resource for departments seeking to increase diversity in their departments and develop support strategies for faculty development and retention.

    White and other officials provide support for recent faculty hires and interact with various committees to promote and advance faculty diversity on campus. This includes working with the President’s Commission on the Status of Black Faculty and Staff, The President’s Commission on the Status of Women, the Hispanic Task Force, academic departments and faculty search committees.

    For more information please contact Curtis D. White Sr., Faculty Development and Diversity Coordinator, 864-656-2182,

  • Bias Incident Response

    Clemson University seeks to be an inclusive community that welcomes and respects all people. Every member of our community is expected to commit to the maintenance of a safe, respectful and welcoming community. Acts of incivility and intolerance are not acceptable within the context of the Clemson university community. The university has established a Bias Incident Response Protocol procedure to respond in an organized and consistent manner to bias incidents which may occur that involve students.

    Acts of discrimination, harassment or other forms of intolerance perpetrated against any individual based upon the individual’s perceived age, ancestry, color, race, religion, national origin, culture, gender, gender identity expression, sexual orientation, ability or veteran status should be reported to Lee Gill, Office of Inclusion and Equity. Members of the university community may file reports of possible bias incidents using the Bias Incident Report Form.

  • Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Grant Fund

    Clemson University respects the unique character and inherent worth of each individual represented within the University community. The University is substantially enhanced by the diversity of its campus community, academic curricula, programs, co-curricular activities and events. In recognition of the importance of diversity toward enriching the campus community and preparing students to be effective in a global society, the Diversity Incentive Fund has been established. This Fund will be awarded annually to an individual or organizational unit that submits a proposal which describes an activity, program or project that promotes equal opportunity, intercultural understanding, diversity, equity or climate enhancement. Projects or activities which encourage appreciation, respect, and understanding among individuals and groups regardless of gender identity, ethnic group identification, age, national boundaries, racial identification, religion, sexual orientation, cultural background, disability, etc., are encouraged.


    The Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Fund is intended to encourage and support faculty, staff and students through the creation of new opportunities for interaction and cross-cultural learning. The Fund can be used to support innovative and creative approaches to engaging a broad cross-section of the university community in issues related to diversity, inclusion, cross cultural learning and climate enhancement activities. The primary emphasis of this initiative is on student learning. This fund is not intended to support ongoing programs, research projects, individual projects, international travel, conference attendance, staff or faculty salaries.


    Eligible applicants are any full-time, permanent, tenure track faculty member or permanent staff member. Individuals on a terminal notice, retired persons, and individuals on leave of absence or on sabbatical are not eligible. Also, applications from individuals who have resigned or who have accepted a full-time position at another institution will not be honored.

    Project Criteria

    1. TEACHING — Funding in this category supports course related expenses or activities which directly impact students. Instruction in this category is primarily for classroom instruction but may also be used to provide support for seminars, workshops, institutes, lectures, performances or conferences held on the Clemson main campus. Since diversity funding is considered seed money, priority will be given to successful projects that are sustainable without dependence upon support from the Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Grant Fund.

    2. TRAVEL — Funds are available to support active learning opportunities which benefit students. Travel for individuals to attend professional conferences or other professional gatherings are not eligible for funding support. Grant funds cannot be used for international travel. The expense of a proposed trip relative to the scope of its potential impact is an important consideration. A central goal of the Diversity and Inclusive Excellence Grant Fund is to support activities that will positively impact the Clemson campus particularly as it relates to creating a more positive campus climate and an enlightened student body regarding diversity topics.

    Proposed Format

    1. PROJECT DESCRIPTION — An applicant must submit a description of the proposed activity, course, seminar, workshop, etc. This description should also include a discussion of the expected outcomes, impact or results of the activities outlined in the proposal. The description should also present a clear assessment plan for determining the impact of the proposed project. Narratives should not exceed five double-spaced pages excluding the budget.

    2. BUDGET — A detailed itemized budget must be included with the proposal. No funds can be used to purchase equipment, food or beverages. However, films, video, music or software may be purchased providing there is clear evidence of a direct benefit to student participants in the activity or project.

    3. SELECTION CRITERIA — the selection process will include the following criteria:

    • Innovation — proposal of a pro-active initiative, activity, program, event or course which enriches the overall quality of the university community
    • Leadership — any activity or program, which enhances the university community and is likely to increase the prestige of the institution while positively influencing students
    • Impact — demonstration of efforts which are likely to affect a broad population by contributing to a positive campus climate through the promotion of equity, understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect for all people through activities, programs, practices, procedures or various other means
    • Efficiency — effective use of existing resources or the efficient coordination of resources to support specific aspects of a proposed initiative
    • Feasibility — likelihood that the proposed activity, program, project or event will be successfully implemented
    • Assessment — A clear plan should be outlined in the proposal which explains how the proposed activity will be evaluated

    Awards will be announced in the summer for the fall semester.

    Selection Committee

    The Office of Inclusion and Equity will appoint a panel to review proposals.

    Final Report

    A short written report is due to the Office of Inclusion and Equity within 30 days following the conclusion of the project or activity. The report should discuss the impact of the activity; identify participation levels and list outcomes of the activity. No grant recipient will be eligible for further funding should the recipient fail to meet this requirement.

    Incentive Fund

    Incentive funds will range from $500 to $5,000.

    Send proposal to:
    Office of Inclusion and Equity
    Clemson University
    103 Sikes Hall
    Clemson, SC 29634