Summit Speakers

The Tom Joyner Morning Show

(105 markets, more than eight million listeners)

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  • Smiley

    Tavis Smiley

    Host, PBS late-night television talk show "Tavis Smiley"; host, Public Radio International’s "The Tavis Smiley Show"; founder, the Tavis Smiley Foundation; author; political commentator; entrepreneur

  • Quinones

    John Quiñones

    Host, ABC newsmagazine “What Would You Do?”; author; broadcast journalist; motivational speaker

  • Heat

    Brian Heat

    Educator, academic administrator; motivational speaker; entrepreneur, Brian Heat Worldwide

  • Jones

    Roy Jones, Ph.D.

    Professor and executive director, Clemson University College of Education’s Call Me MISTER program

  • Howard

    Desmond Howard

    ESPN college football analyst, former NFL player, Super Bowl XXXI MVP and Heisman Trophy winner

  • Morial

    Marc H. Morial

    President and chief executive officer, National Urban League; former mayor, New Orleans, Louisiana