Materials Science & Engineering
Research Opportunity

A big advantage of attending a major research university as an undergraduate is the opportunity to collaborate with faculty and graduate students on exciting research projects and industry partnerships. The college regularly partners with businesses, government agencies and industries to discover practical solutions to real-world problems. Students become valuable team members in research groups that are tackling economic, ethical and environmental issues.

With more than $100 million in sponsored research support annually, Clemson is one of the National Science Foundation’s top-100 research universities. Research in the College of Engineering and Science alone attracts more than $50 million annually in competitively sponsored grants. As a result, Clemson houses some of the most sophisticated research centers, laboratory facilities and testing instrumentation in the Southeast.


Research Experiences for Undergraduates

The College of Optics at the Univeristy of Central Florida, in coordination with Clemson University, will run a National Science Foundation sponsored program of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) during the summer of 2009. During this time, 2 students from this program will carryout internships at COMSET within the School of Materials Science & Engineering summer program series. For more information, please visit

The Center for Advanced Engineering Fibers and Films Research Experiences for Undergraduates program places promising students on interdisciplinary teams in the Center, which is located on the Clemson University campus. During the program students work on projects that integrate all aspects of fiber and film system. Students participate in activities that heighten their appreciation of the challenges of fiber and film study and sharpen problem-solving, critical thinking, research management, and communication skills. For more information, please visit