Materials Science & Engineering

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering draws on the research and teaching expertise of faculty from across the College of Engineering and Science, but its core faculty focus on ceramics, polymers, photonics, and textiles.

To learn more about our Faculty and their research, please click on the pictures to go to a brief biography. If you have any questions pertaining to research, you may contact faculty members at the phone number or email address provided.

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Current Faculty (click on picture for Bio.)

John M. Ballato, Ceramic Engineering
(864) 656-1035
Research Interest: Optical

Director of COMSET

Vincent Blouin, Joint Appointment
(864) 656-5352
Research Interest: Materials applications in Architecture, corrosion, numerical modeling

Denis A. Brosnan, Ceramic Engineering
George J. Bishop,III Endowed Chair
(864) 656-0603
Research Interest: Tile and Brick

Philip J. Brown, Polymer & Textiles
J.R. Swetenburg Sr. Endowed Professor of Textile Mfg.
(864) 656-6072
Research Interest: Fiber Based Devices & Formation

Michael S. Ellison, Polymer Fibers
(864) 656-5956
Research Interest: Biomimesis

Stephen H. Foulger, Materials Science
Gregg-Graniteville Endowed Chair and Professor
(864) 656-1045
Research Interest: Assemblies of Colloidal Particles


Marian (Molly) Kennedy, Materials Science
(864) 656-5349
Research Interest: Mechanical response of biological materials, Adhesion energy along polymer - metal Interfaces
Wear of hard coatings in aggressive environment
Nanolaminate deformation and aging


Konstantin Kornev, Materials Physics
(864) 656-6541
Research Interest: Nanofluidics


Gary C. Lickfield, Polymer Fibers
(864) 656-5964
Research Interest: Online Characterization During Melt Spinning

Igor Luzinov, Polymer Science
(864) 656-5958
Research Interest: Surface & Interfacial Polymer Layers & Films

O. Thompson Mefford, Materials Science
(864) 656-4307
Research Interest: Magnetic Nanoparticles


Fei Peng, Ceramics
(864) 656-4134
Research Interest: High Temperature Ceramics


Henry J. Rack, Metallurgy
(864) 656-5636
Research Interest: Advanced Metallics & Composites

Eric C. Skaar, Ceramic Engineering
(864) 656-5351
Research Interest: Materials Processing

Marek W. Urban, Polymer Science
J.E. Sirrine Foundation Endowed Chair and Professor
(864) 656-1155/0549
Research Interest: Polymer Science, Stimuli-Responsive Materials, Spectroscopy


Research Faculty

Richardson Kathleen Richardson, Ceramic Engineering
(864) 656-0549
Research Interest: Oxide & Non-oxide Optical Glasses & Glass Ceramics

John P. Sanders, National Brick Research CT
(864) 656-0604

Steven Serkiz, Environmental Engr & Earth Science
(864) 656-3276

Courtesy Joint Appointment

Green Keith Green, School of Architecture
(864) 656-3887


Tennyson Andrew Tennyson, Chemistry - 483 Hunter Labs
(864) 656-3158

Julie Martin, Engineering and Science Education
(864) 656-4321

Terry Tritt Terry Tritt, Physics
(864) 656-5319
Research Interest: Condensed matter physics



Adjunct Faculty

OwensJeffery R. Owens, Senior Research Chemist

AFCEC, Tyndall AFB, Florida


BliznyukValery Bliznyuk, Polymer Science & Nanotechnology
(864) 656-3181

Research Interest: nanostructured polymer materials for electronics, photovoltaics & sensors


Ulrich Fotheringham,

Bao Hua Bao

LoweTerry C. Lowe

Yaw S. Obeng,

Peeler David K. Peeler

Sergei L. Pyshkin,

Ruslan Z. Valiev,

Tommy Edwards,

Suzanne Huerth,

LupoProf. Donald Lupo
Tampere University of Technology
Department of Electronics
Korkeakoulunkatu 3, PO Box 692
Tel.: +358-40-8490614
FI-33101 Tampere


Michael Meador,

Witter David Witter

Emeritus Faculty

Richard J. Aspland, Color Chemistry
(864) 654-2204
Research Interest: Color

Hassan M. Behery

Cole Christine W. Cole, Textiles & Apparel
(864) 656-8454
Research Interest: Fabrics

Michael J. Drews, Director, Clemson Conservation Center
(843) 744-2974, ext. 11
Research Interest: Super & Sub-Critical Fluids

Clifford C. Fain

Bhuvenesh C. Goswami
(864) 656-7880,
Research Interest: Yarns & Fabrics

C. J. Hubbard

O. Frank Hunter

LeeBurtrand I. Lee, Ph.D.
address: 2862 Sutton Oaks Lane, Vienna, VA 22181

CECON Science & Engineering Consultant (
Research Expertise: Materials synthesis-structure-property relationship, nanoparticle synthesis and stabilization, sustainable energy materials.

Henry G. Lefort

David H. Leigh, III

Douglas V. Rippy

Clarence D. Rogers
(864) 656-5962,

Theodore D. Taylor
(864) 656-5352,

Edward A. Vaughn
(864) 656-5965,
Research Interest: Dry Laid Nonwovens