Materials Science & Engineering
J. Richard Aspland
J. Richard Aspland

Emeritus Professor

Textile Chemistry Education

Phone: (864) 654-2204
Office: 162 Sirrine Hall


Dr. Aspland received his B.S. in Color Chemistry and M.S. in Dyeing from the University of Leeds (UK) and his Ph.D. in Textile Chemistry from the University of Manchester (UK).

Dr. Aspland taught textile chemistry at the University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology for six years. He left the UK in 1966. Before joining Clemson University, in 1983, he was Group Leader of Dye Applications Research at Southern Dyestuff Company (purchased by Sandoz, now Clariant) and then Textile Research Manager for Reeves Brothers Inc., both in Charlotte, North Carolina, for a total of eighteen years industrial experience. His general areas of interest include dye synthesis, dye applications, pigments and pigmenting, color - measurement, shade - sorting, textile finishing, printing and coated fabrics. He is a Fellow of both the Textile Institute and the Society of Dyers and Colorists. The 1991-92 academic year was spent in the Dyestuff Research laboratories of Ciba-Geigy in Basel, Switzerland. He received the outstanding Teacher Award in the College of Commerce & Industry (1993-4) and the Joseph J. Lyons Teaching Award (1995-6). In 1999 he spent a six month sabbatical in the Colour Chemistry Dept. of Leeds University (UK) and after his return; he was awarded the Harold C. Chapin Award for service to the American Association of Textile Chemist and Colorists followed by the William Weaver Paper of the Year Award in 2005. He has received the Award for Faculty Excellence from the Clemson Board of Trustees for the years 2000 and 2002.


  • Fluorescence of dyeings and laundered fabrics (bispectralspectrometry)
  • The fastness properties of dyeings on novel polymers.
  • Implementation of novel shade sorting software for color users from color-instrument manufacturers to apparel cutters.
  • The influence of fiber, yarn & fabric parameters on the physical properties of coated fabrics.
  • Synthesis of isotopic tracers for studying diffusion in nylon dyeing.
  • The effect of color distribution on the color appearance of yarns, fibers and fabrics. (microspectrometry)
  • The interactions between pigment particles and polymers.

Recent Publications

"Textile Dyeing and Coloration", AATCC, Re. Triangle Park, 1997, ISBN # 0-9613350-1-7, 410 pages.

"Colorants : Dyes" Chap. 11 of "Color for Science, Art and Technology" Ed. Nassau, Elsevier, New York, 1998, ISBN # 0-44489846-8, 32 pages.

"Instrumental Shade Sorting: Past, Present and Future", Chap 20 of "Color Technology in the Textile Industry", AATCC, 1997.

Selected Refereed Papers

"Interactions & Relationships Between Fibers, Surfactants, Dyes and Fluorescent Brighteners," J. R. Aspland, Advances in Col. Science and Tech., Vol. 2 - 7 (1999) p.142.

"Alternative Mathematical Approaches to Shade Sorting," J. R. Aspland, J. P. Jarvis, et. al., Color Research and Applications, Vol. 25-5, Oct. 2000, p.269.

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