Materials Science & Engineering
Fei Peng
Marian (Molly) Kennedy

Assistant Professor
Materials Science and Engineering

Phone: (864) 656-4134
Office: 210A Olin Hall
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Awards & Recent Publications



  • Peng F., Van Laningham G., and Speyer R. F., "Thermogravimetric Analysis of the Oxidation Resistance of ZrB2-SiC and ZrB2-SiC-TaB2-based Compositions in the 1500-1900ºC Range," Journal of Materials Research (in Press).
  • Peng F., Li D., "Synthesis of (Na2O,PbO)-Nb2O5, (Na2O,BaO)-Nb2O5, and (K2O,SrO)-Nb2O5 thin films using sol-gel method," Thin Solid Films 518 [23] 6833-6838 (2010).
  • Peng F., Speyer R. F., "Isothermal Oxidation Resistance of Fully Dense ZrB2 based Ceramics," Journal of Materials Research, 24 [5] 1855-1867 (2009).
  • Peng F., Speyer R. F., "Oxidation Resistance of Fully Dense ZrB2 with SiC, TaB2, and TaSi2 Additives," Journal of American Ceramic Society, 91 [5] 1489-1494 (2008).
  • Peng F., Speyer R. F., Hackenberger W., "Devitrification and Dielectric Properties of (Na2O,BaO)-Nb2O5-SiO2 and (K2O,SrO)-Nb2O5-SiO2 Glass-Ceramics," Journal of Materials Research, 22 [7] 1996-2003 (2007).



Ph.D., Georgia Institute of Technology (2009)
M.S., Tsinghua University (2005)
B.S., Tsinghua University (2000)

Research & Outreach

Sintering and Grain Growth,
High-Temperature Kinetics and Microstructure,
High-Temperature Ceramics, Ceramic Fibers, and Ceramic Composites