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The School of Materials Science and Engineering is housed in Sirrine Hall on the Clemson University campus.

The teaching and research facilities of the School of Materials Science and Engineering are primarily located in Sirrine Hall. These teaching and research laboratories include:

Weaving Laboratories
Nonwoven Laboratories
Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Laboratory
Clemson Apparel Research Facility
Composites Fabrication
Physical Testing Laboratory
Fiber Physics Laboratory
Electrical/Electronic Fiber and Fabric Properties Laboratory
Extrusion and Rheology
Analytical Laboratories
Advanced Metallic and Composites Group

Graduate students from the School also have access to the University's excellent electron microscopy (scanning, transmission and Auger microanalysis) laboratory, a newly installed X-ray diffractometer in Ceramic Engineering, stereo lithography in Bioengineering, and hydraulic mechanical testing for fatigue analysis in Mechanical Engineering. Clemson University also provides its graduate students with universal w.w.w. access and outstanding mainframe, mini and micro-computational support.

Weaving Laboratory

Room 46

Pignone Loom with Staubli Electronic Jacquard
1.9 Meter, 2688 Hooks

Picanol OMNI-A Air Jet Loom 70", Cam

AVL 24 Inch Industrial Dobby Loom

Herzog Braider
2-16 Spool Discs

Herzog Winder
2 Spool w/Creel

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Nonwoven Laboratories

Room 9

The NEW Nonwoven Lab

CMC Rando - Opener/Cleaner
Bamatic Chute Feeder
Bamatic Card
Bamatic Cross Lapper
Automatex Needle Puncher


Room 05

Web Formation

12" Rando Webber
20" Proctor & Schwartz Roll-Top Card

EVAC Vacuum System

Web Finishing

20" Aztec Hot-Air Thru Oven
20" Benz Thermal Bonding Calendar
9" Pinsonic
12" Fiber Locker Needle Punch
12" Hydro-Entanglement Water Jet System

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Dyeing, Finishing & Printing Laboratory

Room 22

(2) Despatch Ovens
Ernst Benz Oven
Rotary Washer
Centrifigal Extractor
Speed Queen Industrial Dryer
Stork Roller Printer
Werner Mathis Steamer
Paddle Wheel Dyer
(2) Altas Launderometers
Flat Bed Screen Printer
Ahiba Dyer
Atlas Fadeometer

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Clemson Apparel Research Facility

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Composites Fabrication

Room 61

Carver 18x18" 60 Ton, 350 C, Hydraulic Press

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Physical Evaluation Facility

Room 270/272

Mission of the Physical Testing Facility
The Physical Evaluation Laboratory serves the Students, Graduate Students, and Faculty of the School of Materials Science and Engineering. The Laboratory is made available to other Departments in the College of Engineering and Sciences and the University. As part of our mission we also provide public service testing on a fee basis for Industry.

The Laboratory uses various published "Standards" such as American Society Testing & Materials (ASTM), Federal Test Methods (FTM), American Association of Textile Colorists & Chemists (AATCC ) as well as "Standards" written by individuals and companies to accomplish the testing required. This assures compatibility and repeatability between tests and other facilities.

For further information call Robbie Nicholson at (864) 656-5972 or fax to (864) 656-5983.

Fiber and Yarn Property Characterization
Zellweger Uster HVI 900
Zellweger Uster AFIS
Zellweger Uster, Uster Tester III
Zellweger Uster, Uster Tester IV
Techno Statimat II M
Lawson Hemphill CTT Yarn Tester
Lawson Hemphill EIB Yarn Tester

Fiber/Yarns/Fabric Characterization
Instron 1125R/5500
Instron 5582
Textest 3000 Hydrostatic Head Tester
Textest 3300 Air Permeability Tester
Textest 3700 Digital Elmendorf
Pilling, Abrasion, Burst, Drape, Flammability

Optical Microscopy and Image Analysis Systems (2)
Aus Jena JENAPOL U INTERPHAKO Polarizing Mach Zehnder Interference Research Microscope (Birefringence)
Leitz Labrolux R/T w/lightfield and darkfield
Fiber Microtomes
Beuhler Two Head Polisher/Grinder & Isomet 1000 Saw for sample Preparation
Image Analysis Systems ( Color )
Sony Video Printer
Sony Digital Camera Model 90 with Martin Microscope Camera to Microscope Adapter
Sony Super VHS Recorder with Camera and Lens

Color Measurement
MacBeth ColorEye 3000 Spectrophotometer
Xrite SP78 Spectrophotometer

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Fiber Physics Laboratory

Room 340

Computer-controlled single filament torsional modulus instrument

Breaking twist angle tester

Keithley, Inc., System for electrical conductivity measurements

Electrostatic voltmeters.

Thermal conductivity testing apparatus

Single Fiber Accustic Emission Failure Analyzer

Sonic Modulus Analyzer
Keithly 6517A Electrometer/High Resistance Meter
Keithly 182 Sensitive Digital Voltmeter

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Electrical/Electronic Fiber and Fabric Properties Laboratory

Hewlett Packard 8757XB Microwave Scaler Network Analyzer 100MHz to 50GHz
Hewlett Packard Scaler Analyzer (S parameter test)
Questek 2010 Excimer Laser
Alessi Four Point Probe
Keithly 228A Voltage/Current Source
Keithly 220 Current Source
Keithly 197A Microvolt Digital Multimeter
Keithly 2000 and 2001 Digital Multimeters

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Extrusion and Rheology Laboratory

Room 236

Hills, Inc. Pilot Scale Fiber Extruder, 1", 1800 m/min.
Barmag SW7 High Speed Winder
Instron Capillary Rheometer
Haake Rheocord 90 Rheometer
Brookfield DV-III Rheometer
Lab Scale Wet Spin Line
Instron 4502 with Model 3210 Rheometer
Headway Research, Inc. PM 101DT-R790 Spin Coater

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Analytical Laboratories

Room 67/68,40,41,43,45

Chemical Analysis, Separation Science
Dionex Liquid Chromatograph with GP50 Pump & AD25 Absorbance Detector
Waters Breeze Gel Permeation Chromatograph with Waters 2487 UV/Vis, Waters 2414 DRI, Waters 717 Auto-__Sampler & PolymerLabs PL-ELS 2000
Selerity Series 4000 SFC

Nicolet Magna 550 with NicPlan FT-IR Microscope and Mapping Stage
Thermo 6700 FTIR with Continuum FTIR Microscope
Shimadzu 3101-PC UV-Vis-NIR Spectrometer
FT-NMR Spectrometer (Hunter Hall)
Thermo Finnigan Trace GC/MS

Additional Chemical Instrumentation
Cahn Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer
SensaDyne Bubble Tensiometer
Kruss DSA 10 Contact Angle Analyzer
Dionex ASE 200 Accelerated Solvent Extractor
Wyatt Technology Dawn DSP Laser Light Scattering: 18 angle Ar+,
Optilab DSP Differential Refractometer

Thermal Analysis
2950 Hi-Res Thermogravimetric Analyzer
2920 Differential Scanning Calorimeter
TA Instruments Q1000 DSC
TA Instruments Q5000 TGA
TA Instruments Q800 DMA
Seiko Instruments SSC 5300 Thermal Analysis System
Seiko DMS 210 Dynamic Thermal Mechanical Analyzer
Seiko TMA/SS 350 Thermal Mechanical Analyzer
Solomat TSC/RMA Relaxation Spectrometer
Parr 1455 Solution Calorimeter

Waters Gel Permeation Chromatograph: 815 HPLC Pump, Heated Columns, 410 DRI, 486 Abs. Det.
Viscotek T50A Differential Viscometer
Bio-Analytical Systems 100B Electrochemical Analyzer
Jupiter Intrument Co. Membrane Osmometer Model 231

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Advanced Metallic and Composites Facilities

Materials Processing
Planar flow caster
Ajax induction melting system
Centorr arc melter(2)
Inert atmosphere melt spinner
Lombard 150 ton vertical extrusion/forging press
Stanat 2/4/6 high instrumented rolling mill
Equal channel angular extruder
Solidica Form-ation ultrasonic consolidation system
Attritor mills(2)
Powder blenders(3)
Shaker sieves
Spec’s mill
High temperature (2000C) inert atmosphere furnace
Single crystal puller
Lindberg tube furnaces (6)
Lindberg box furnaces (5)
Thermcraft salt balt(6)
Low temperature oil baths (2)
Huppert recirculating air furnace
Marshall vertical quench furnace
High temperature(1650C) inert atmosphere quench furnace
High pressure infiltration system
Low pressure infiltration system
Quartz Encapsulation system

Material Characterization
Scintag XDS 2000 x-ray diffractometer
Nikon inverted optical microscope
Netszch differential calorimeter (-110C to 1600C)
In-situ, inert atmosphere high temperature resistivity system (2)
Eddy current apparatus
Dynamic modulus apparatus with assorted transducers
High temperature creep machines (12)
MTS/Instron closed loop servohydraulic machine (2)
Instron/MTI screw driven test machines
RR Moore rotating beam fatigue machine (3)
RI Thermal fatigue apparatus
Automated reciprocating sliding wear apparatus (3)
Pin-on-disk wear apparatus (2)
High velocity gas gun
Instrumented SATEC impact machine

Metallographic Equipment
Struers Cut-off machine
Buehler high speed diamond cut-off machine
South bay abrasive wire saw
Buehler hot press
Surface grinder
Buehler grinders(4)
Struers automatic polishers(6)
Vibramet automatic polishers(3)
Buehler electropolishers(2)
Fatigue/tensile sample electropolisher
South bay core grinder
High definition scnner
Gatan ion millers(2)
Gatan dimple grinder
Gatan ultrasonic disk cutter
Fischione TEM jet polisher

Software Licenses
Adobe Photoshop
Image Pro
Fovea Pro