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LGBTQ Task Force

LGBTQ Task Force logo


The Clemson University Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer (LGBTQ) Task Force serves in an advisory capacity to university administrators, faculty, staff, and students regarding matters that affect LGBTQ people.

The Task Force aims to:

  • create a welcoming environment of inclusion and diversity here at Clemson;
  • make recommendations regarding the policies, procedures, and practices that affect the LGBTQ campus community, with the goal of improving access and opportunities;
  • ensure that the university appropriately addresses issues of safety and welfare related to LGBTQ faculty, staff, and guests;
  • establish and maintain a strong, collaborative partnerships with organizations and entities that support the purpose, mission, and vision of the LGBTQ Task Force and the University, such as the Clemson Alumni Society for Equality (CASE) and the Clemson Gay-Straight Alliance (CGSA)

For additional information about the LGBTQ Task Force, contact:

Josh Morgan
LGBTQ Task Force Chair

Lee A. Gill, J.D.
Chief Diversity Officer

Leslie Doss
Administrative Coordinator