SC LID Atlas

The goal of the Low Impact Development (LID) Atlas is to share information among communities and organizations so that LID projects can serve as models for communities trying to address stormwater and growth-related issues.  The Center and Carolina Clear are collaborators on this project with the National NEMO Network (Nonpoint Education for Municipal Officials), SC NEMO, and SC Sea Grant.

Watershed Stewardship Mapping Tool

The Center and Carolina Clear have compiled a Watershed Stewardship Mapping Tool comprised of organizations that support and manage local watershed issues and also offer watershed-related volunteer opportunities for the public. The list has been mapped by geographic coverage so that users can identify watershed-related volunteer opportunities within their community or region.

Clemson Weather Data

The Clemson Historical Weather Database gives users access to Clemson University historical daily weather data, some of which dates back to 1896.  View and download data, including: Max Temperature (F), Min Temperature (F), Precipitation (in), Snow (in), Evaporation (in), and Wind Run (mi).

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