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Exercise Caution Abroad

Travel and study abroad programs are an excellent opportunity to develop cultural awareness and to acquire important life skills.  Still, it is incredibly important to exercise caution and to be aware of your surroundings and the impact of your actions in order to avoid placing yourself in harm’s way.

New York Times Recommendations for Secure International Travel

Michigan Man Pleads Guilty to Attempting to Spy for the People’s Republic of China

Man in US trial accused of taking secrets to China

Know Your Customer

Canada is a very close trading partner with the United States.  As a result of many shared social and political ideologies the two countries also have similar export control regimes.  However, as the following story suggests, it is imperative to ask questions and to learn as much as possible before exporting commodities, software or technology out of the United States.

Foreigners set up front companies in Canada to export weapons

Strive for Compliance

While U.S. export control regulations are not new, increased national security concerns have resulted in greater scrutiny of export activities and increased enforcement of the regulations.  Universities are not exempt from this scrutiny and must take steps to ensure compliance.

Prison Time and Export Controls: University Professor’s Case Illustrates Dangers of Ignoring Export Compliance

Military Secrets Leak From U.S. Universities With Rules Flouted

Follow Proposed Reforms

In response to widespread claims from industry and academia that the current regulations are unmanageable and actually harm U.S. innovation and exports, President Obama’s   administration has undertaken the gargantuan task of reforming U.S. export regulations.          

President’s Export Control Reform Initiative