Office of Research

Regulations, Policies and Procedures

Federal regulations govern many of the policies and procedures that we use to function. You can access these regulations by looking at the following documents/pages:

Standard Operating Procedures

IACUC Policies:

IACUC-related Research Division Policies

Exceptions to these published regulations and guidelines require written scientific justification. Other guidelines may be applicable. For example:

Public Health Service (PHS) Policy: Clemson University (CU) assures all animal activities are conducted in accord with the PHS Policy on the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals and in accord with the CU PHS Assurance Number D16-00435 (Expires May 31, 2018). If you have any questions, please contact IACUC Office at 864-656-4538.

PHS Assurance Document 
Acceptance letter from the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW)

ByLaws (pdf): These regulations govern how committee members are selected, enacts institutional-specific rules, and provides the basic structure for how the committee operates at Clemson University.

Read Clemson University President Jim Barker's directive entitled Statement of Responsibilities for Institution-Wide Compliance with Federal Regulations and Institutional Polices in the Conduct of Teaching and Research Activities Involving Animals.

Housing Animals off Campus/Facility Management Changes: