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Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR)

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ORC Brown Bag Series

The Brown Bag Seminar Series is an opportunity for the Clemson University community to better understand research integrity and research compliance related topics. 

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Unless otherwise noted, all presentations will be held at the *G100 Biosystems Research Center (BRC) Seminar Room and at two off site campuses Baruch Institute, Georgetown, SC and Edisto REC, Blackville, SC. *Please note the change in location.

March 28, 2017 – Animal Welfare

When preparing a protocol for IACUC approval, one of the requirements is a review of the current literature to ensure that all your methods meet federal animal welfare standards. This presentation will cover the guidelines you need to follow, review available library resources to help you meet this requirement, and give you tips to make sure your literature search is thorough and targeted.

  • Presenter – Megan Sheffield, E-Science Librarian, University Libraries

April 25, 2017 – Collaboration

Effort Reporting – what, why, who, when, how

Collaboration with multiple investigators on a sponsored project and certifying effort reports

  • Presenters – Roberta Elrod, Director, Grants and Contracts Administration and Jane Jacobi, Team Leader, Proposal Development Center, Office of Sponsored Programs

April 27, 2017 - Research Misconduct

The Basics - This session will cover the federal regulations that define research misconduct and Clemson University's policy for handling allegations of misconduct. Case studies will be used to highlight relevant issues.

  • Presenter - Tracy Arwood, Assistant Vice President & Integrity Officer, Office of Research Compliance
  • Target Audience - Faculty, staff, postdocs and students
  • Location - 118 Academic Success Center

Bring your lunch and snacks will be provided.  These seminars DO qualify for RCR advanced training credit hours.

Other Offerings

The library regularly offers courses on plagiarism and data management that qualify for one hour of RCR advanced training credit.  Click here to see the course schedule and register.

Questions?  Please contact Cathy Welton, 864-656-1525

Past Brown Bag Lunch Seminars for RCR Training:  

Data Management, Megan Sheffield, 3/9/17

Libraries support through the research lifecycle, Megan Sheffield & Andrew Wesolek, 4/5/16

Peer Review at NIH, Jim McCubbin, 11/10/15

Peer Review in the Publication Process, Ken Marcus, 10/20/15

Ethics of Journal Peer Review, Cindy Lee, 9/15/15

Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Advanced Training, Tracy Arwood, Jim Greiger, Julia Frugoli, 3/12/15

Learn More About How to Invite Research Scholars to Join You in Collaborative Research, Tina Rousselot de Saint Ceran, 3/24/15

Introduction to Shipping Hazardous Materials and Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs), Jim Grieger, Becca Hanus, June Brock-Carroll, 1/27/15

An Update on the New Uniform Guidance Regulations:  Potential impacts on Federal Grant Applications and Awards, Sheila Lischwe, 11/18/14

The 3 R’s of Animal Welfare in Research Literature: How to Perform a Literature Search for your Upcoming AUP, Megan Sheffield, 10/21/14

Science Integrity, Scientific Misconduct, and Federal Policy, Gary Machlis, 09/16/14

Managing Disclosure Risk in an Era of Big Data, Jason Thatcher, 04/22/14

Do I Really Need an IBC Protocol? The When, Where, and Hows to Complete an IBC Protocol, Jim Morris, 04/08/14

What happens after I receive an award?, Roberta Elrod, 03/26/14

Research Safety Brown Bag: Promoting a Safety Culture, Bobby Clark, 03/25/14

Research Safety Brown Bag: Safe Handling and Proper Storage of Chemicals in Laboratories, Naomi Kelly, 03/24/14

Clemson Innovation Network, 03/13/14

Biosafety at Clemson University, Bobby Clark, 3/3/14

Research Safety Brown Bag: Hazardous Waste Training- How to Dispose of Chemical Waste, June Brock-Carroll, 02/17/14, 2/18/14, 2/19/14, 3/3/14, 3/10/14, 3/13/14

If faculty, staff and students would like to have specialized training or have suggestions for future programs, please contact Tracy Arwood, 864-656-1525.