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Research faculty and student

Innovation is the very keystone of research. Developing new ideas, processes and products; refining existing ones; and expanding the uses of knowledge are all the result of innovation.

Innovation is the catalyst for economic development, transforming research discoveries into usable, practical applications with outcomes that make their way into the market in the form of new or improved products. This "knowledge-based economy" creates new jobs.

Clemson researchers are relentless innovators, whether creating a new agricultural product to improve the quality of our food or inventing a medical device to improve the quality of our health. Clemson research is focused on a series of emphasis areas that cross academic disciplines.

Clemson has committed resources and energy to developing unique research and innovation campuses where public and private concerns intersect to create new knowledge and new ways of using knowledge for our common good.

Technology transfer, moving research to the marketplace, is "innovation in action." The Clemson University Research Foundation and the Office of Technology Transfer work with researchers to develop opportunities to move research discoveries into the commercial environment.