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Innovation Map

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Map Key:

Clemson Innovation Network (purple triangles)

The Clemson Innovation Network comprises University programs and facilities working with private industry for innovation and economic development.

  1. Clemson University
  2. Clemson University Advanced Materials Center  (CU-AMC)
  3. Griffith Incubator (CURF)
  4. Center for Applied Technology (CURF)
  5. Clemson University Renaissance Center
  6. Clemson University International Center for Automotive Research (CU-ICAR)
  7. GHS – Patewood
  8. Spiro Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership at Clemson University

Clemson Innovation Partners (orange triangles)

These 18 partners represent private technology-based companies that have either licensed Clemson University intellectual property or are located in university-based facilities.

  1. Anaxtal Silicon, LLC
    Production of solar grade silicon specifically designed to meet the needs of the solar photovoltaic (PV) industry. Anaxtal Silicon’s cost effective silicon will help the solar PV industry drive down cost and support the growth of renewable energy resources.
  2. Gulf Fiber Optics
    Manufacturer of fiberoptic products that specializes in standard and custom industrial and medical light guides.
  3. Poly-Med
    Research and development of proprietary polymers for specialty manufacturing of biomedical and pharmaceutical products and related analytical/testing services.
  4. Stormrider Technologies
    An advanced materials applications development firm specializing in plasma-based, nanoscale, lubricious, structural and functional coatings.
  5. Ansell Medical
    Global manufacturer and marketer of synthetic and natural latex surgical and medical examination gloves.
  6. Hoowaki
    Commercializes self-cleaning,  low drag, anti-fog, anti-icing, super hydrophobic surfaces with low- cost, film and tooling technology, to companies in automotive, consumer products, power production, medical, sports and industrial products to improve performance, safety, cost, appearance and energy efficiency. 
    Creator of unique technology enabling three dimensional cell culture with compelling advantages for use in laboratory research, drug discovery and personalized medicine.
  8. Equi-Tox
    Research-driven pharmaceutical company that discovers and develops innovative products t improve animal and human health, directly and through partnerships.
  9. ABTech Scientific
    A biomedical diagnostics company focused on point-of care diagnostics in the treatment of clinical depression.
  10. Fastfetch
    Designs, develops and markets hardware/software products, based upon two of its patents, to increase efficiency and accuracy of order fulfillment in distribution centers. 
  11. Selah Technologies
    A privately held advanced materials innovator focused on the development of nanotechnology-enabled products primarily for the biomedical industry with supplementary applications in consumer electronics.
  12. Tetramer Technologies
    Develops advanced materials through the design and synthesis of the necessary molecular architectures needed to achieve desired properties in the areas of fuel cells, enhanced piezoelectric polymers, gas separation membranes for improved oil recovery and improved natural gas efficiency, radiation detection materials, and waxes and chemicals based on biorenewable raw materials such as soybeans.
  13. SensorTech
    An advanced materials company developing conductive polymer sensors that are uniquely durable and formable for medical and industrial applications.
  14. Invenca
    An advanced materials company, making products for chemical analysis and purification via liquid chromatography.
  15. ZINC IT
    An emerging start-up exploring the commercialization of biologically based fouling deterrence coatings for marine applications.
  16. Smart Blending Technologies
     Provides equipment for breakthrough product advancements
  17. Specialty and Custom Fibers
    Focuses on the production of novel-shaped fibers that have a large value-added aspect relative to traditional fibers and can be used to advantage in a wide variety of military, medical, and chemical technology areas.
  18. Advanced Photonic Crystals
    Engaged in the business of providing solid state crystals of exceptionally high quality for use by the laser, photonics, and optoelectronics industries.