Office of Research

Environmental Remediation

Clemson University maintains a Remediation Services Contract for planned (non-emergency) and emergency environmental remediation site work. This contract is managed by Environmental Safety and is meant to serve both research and institutional safety needs. 

When the need to activate the contract arises, please contact:

            W. Robert Newberry, Director of Environmental Safety

(864) 656-2583 or (864) 722-7215.


Alternate: Robert McCrary, (864) 722-7190



If the remediation work involves incidents in a research or teaching laboratory, the following should also be contacted:

Chemical incidents:

Naomi Kelly, Research Safety Chemical Hygienist

(864) 656-7554 or (864) 656-0341

Biological incidents:

Bobby Clark, Research Safety Biosafety Officer

(864) 710-2933 or (864) 656-0341.

Radiological incidents:

            Larry Addis, Research Safety Radiation Safety Officer

                        (864) 656-7165 or (864) 650-8153


Prior to the start of any remediation work, if hazardous waste (RCRA or CERCLA) is involved or will be generated (whether research or institutional in nature), please contact:

June Brock-Carroll, Research Safety Hazardous Waste Officer

            (864) 656-1770 or (864) 633-6357