Clemson University

II. Hazardous Chemicals Inventory

The supervisor or designee is required to maintain a list of all hazardous chemicals known to be present in each work area (i.e., maintenance shop, storage buildings, etc.) and update the list as necessary to ensure that it stays current.

The inventory must identify each hazardous chemical by the primary name on the label (either chemical name or product name, but it must be consistent; i.e. if you choose to list chemicals by the common or product name, you must do so with all chemicals listed on the inventory), the manufacturer or distributor of the chemical, and chemical abstract number (CAS), the location (Building, room number, etc.), quantity, and date received (if known).

The inventory must be kept in the work area in a suitable format, on a log sheet, or in electronic format (inventories kept in electronic format should be printed periodically (at least annually or if major changes in the inventory are made) and posted in the work area). This inventory shall list all hazardous chemicals (this includes compressed gases) found in the work area.

This inventory must be submitted annually (by February 15th) via email to The inventory must be submitted following a specific format via the chemical inventory worksheet, which is located on the following website: