2012 SCWRC - Track 2 River Basin & Stream Systems


Session 1:  Restoration

Joshua Robinson, BurnsRobinson, PC
Turkey Creek Rehabilitation Project: NRCS, The City of Sumter & SCDOT Join Forces to Improve a Degraded Urban Waterway (Manuscript)

Benjamin Thepaut, Coastal Carolina University
Plant Survival in the Floodplain Restoration of Crabtree Swamp,
Horry County, S.C. (Manuscript)

Daniel Johnson, Tidewater Environmental Services, Inc.
Jackson Creek Mitigation Bank: Benefits and Challenges of an Urban Mitigation Bank (Extended Abstract)
Session 2: Flooding

Noel Hurley, USGS
South Carolina Digital Flood Inundation Mapping Pilot Investigation (Extended Abstract)

Toby Feaster, USGS
Magnitude & Frequency of Urban Floods in the Southeastern United States (Extended Abstract)

John Kupfer, University of South Carolina
Modeling Flood Innundation & Hydrological Connectivity Across the Congaree River Floodplain, Congaree National Park (Manuscript)
Session 3: Modeling

Lea Jenkins, Clemson University
Meeting a Sustainable Water Yield for Agricultural Practices through Crop Rotation and Catchment Basin Design (Manuscript)

Mirza Billah, University of South Carolina
Applying Drought Analysis in the Variable Infiltration Capacity Model (VIC) for South Carolina (Extended Abstract)

Peng Gao, University of South Carolina
Assessing Methods to Disaggregate Daily Precipitation for Hydrological Simulation (Manuscript)
Session 4: Data Mining & Cyberinfrastructure

Edwin Roehl, Advanced Data Mining International, LLC
Quantification of Water-Level Variability Effect on Plant Species Populations Using Paleoecological & Hydrological Time Series Data (Manuscript)

Jason Hallstrom, Clemson University
Moving Forward: Refinement of the Intelligent River®, A Basin-Scale Monitoring Instrument (Extended Abstract)

John Shelton, USGS
Integration of the USGS Real-time Hydrologic Monitoring Network into Real-time Water-Resources Operations

Session 5: Eco-Hydrology & Watershed Monitoring

Devendra Amatya, USDA Forest Service
Effects of Uncertainty of Drainage Area on Low-Gradient Watershed Hydrology (Extended Abstract)

Anand Jayakaran, Clemson University
Comparing Flow and Sediment Dynamics in an Urban and Forested Stream in the Lower Coastal Plains of South Carolina (Manuscript)

Cathy Marion, South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
Fish Community Response to Dam Removal in Twelvemile Creek, Pickens County, SC (Extended Abstract)

Session 6: Hydrological Processes

Herbert Ssegane, UGA & USDA-FS
Streamflow Separation to Estimate Daily Unregulated Streamflow of Ungauged Watersheds in the Coastal Plains of Southeastern United States (Extended Abstract)

Brooke James, College of Charleston
Hydrologic Influences within a Tidal Freshwater Forested Wetland (Manuscript)

William Wenerick, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
Indicators of Hydrologic Permanence in Headwater Streams of South Carolina (Extended Abstract)