2012 SCWRC - Track 3 Stormwater


Session 1: Porous Pavement          

Donald West, Clemson University
An Experimental & Modeling Study of Pervious Pavement Bicycle Lanes (Manuscript)

Willam Martin, Clemson University
Hydrologic Characterization of Porous Pavement Systems (Manuscript)

Bradley Putman, Clemson University
Evaluation of Maintenance Practices for Porous Pavements

Session 2: Pond & Basin Performance

Michael Meadows, University of South Carolina
Is the NRCS Unit Hydrograph Always Correct for Stormwater & Sediment Pond Design?

Donald Alexander, Woolpert Engineering
Critical Soils in South Carolina for Sediment Pond Performance with Respect to Settleable Solids

Erik Smith, University of South Carolina
Nutrient- Organic Matter Dynamics In Stormwater Ponds: Implications for Stormwater Management & the Role of Ponds as Sources of Coastal Water Quality Impairment (Extended Abstract)

Session 3: Compliance Based Monitoring

John Hayes, Clemson University
Observations on Effluent Limits for Stormwater Runoff from Construction (Manuscript)

Geoff Smith, URS Corporation
MS4 Water Quality

Marcus Sizemore, Dennis Corporation
SCDOT Environmental Construction Compliance Program (Extended Abstract)

Session 4: Green Infrastructure & LID

Calvin Sawyer, Clemson University
Using Green Infrastructure for Improved Urban Surface Water Hydrology

Dan Hitchcock, Clemson University
Green Infrastructure in Coastal Landscapes: Ecological Design, Hydrological Function & Sustainable Land Use Goals (Manuscript)

William Lamb, AMEC
Unified Sizing Criteria for Stormwater Design: Design Criteria to Encourage Low Impact Development in South Carolina (Extended Abstract)

Session 5: Assessment & Modeling

Michael P. Griffin, College of Charleston
Using Water Chemistry to Assess Stormwater Pathways in Lowland Watersheds (Manuscript)

Kevin Conlon, USGS
Characterization of Stormwater Runoff from Selected South Carolina Department of Transportation Maintenance Yards (Extended Abstract)

Tripp Berry, Clemson University
Passive Polymer Application for Turbidity Reduction (Extended Abstract)

Session 6: Permitting Issues

Alexander Shissias, The Shissias Law Firm, LLC
Legal & Practical Issues Associated with Stormwater Construction Permits in the New Economy: Tales from the Recession & Recovery (Extended Abstract)

Jeannie Eidson, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Health
Stormwater Notice of Intent Interactive Map Service (Extended Abstract)

Katherine Resler, AMEC
Sediment Based Turbidity Analyses for Representative South Carolina Soils (Extended Abstract)