2012 SCWRC - Track 4 Water Use Management and Permitting


Session 1: Surface Water Permitting

Alexander Butler, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
South Carolina Water Use 2001-2011

David Baize, South Carolina Department of Health & Environmental Control
A Regulatory Update on Surface Water Permitting & Planning

John Durkee, Environmental Engineering Sciences, LLC
South Carolina Mixing Zone Requirements, CORMIX Modeling & NPDES Permit Limitations (Extended Abstract)

Session 2: Dams & Hydro

Joseph Monroe, Schnabel Engineering
City of Anderson, S.C. Dam Rehabilitation Meeting Community's Needs & Improving City's Flood Protection Requirements (Extended Abstract)

Robert Osborne, Black & Veatch
EMERGENCY! Planning for a Dam Failure: Blalock Dam's Emergency Action Plan

Shane Boring, Kleinschmidt Associates
Non-Traditional Hydropower: An Underutilized Resource (Extended Abstract)

Session 3: State Water Planning

Katherine Zitsch, CDM Smith
State Water Planning - An Overview of Approaches Used & Lessons Learned Across the U.S. (Manuscript)

Scott Willett, Anderson Regional Joint Water System
Weaving a Statewide Water Management Plan from Multiple Threads

Mike Caston, SJWD Water District
Water Knows No Political Boundaries: A Utility Perspective on the Need for Statewide Water Planning (Manuscript)

Session 4: Groundwater Quality

Kevin Finneran, Clemson University
Novel Strategies in Groundwater Bioremediation: New Solutions to Old Problems (Extended Abstract)

Francis Chapelle, USGS
Threshold Amounts of Organic Carbon Needed to Initiate Reductive Dechlorination in Ground-Water Systems

Dan Tufford, University of South Carolina
Water Table Water Quality in the Vicinity of Isolated Wetlands on the Coastal Plain

Session 5: Groundwater Quantity

James Landmeyer, USGS
Occurrence of Ethylene Dibromide (EDB), Dibromochloropropane (DBCP), Other Volatile Organic Compounds Radium in Groundwater from the Upper Coastal Plain Aquifers Near McBee, SC

Bruce Campbell, USGS
Development & Application of a Groundwater Flow Model of the Crouch Branch & McQueen Branch Aquifers, Chesterfield County, SC

Christopher Foldesi, Groundwater Management Associates, Inc.
Applying Aquifer Storage Recovery Technology to Address Water Resource Challenges In Different Coastal Plain Settings (Manuscript)