Journal of S.C. Water Resources

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The aim of the Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is to provide a forum for articles about the condition of South Carolina's water resources, with the goals of influencing science-based management decisions and heightening awareness of our water resources. This inaugural issue contains manuscripts from the 2012 South Carolina Water Resources Conference (SCWRC). Henceforth, issues published in odd years will feature SCWRC manuscripts. We encourage authors to consider this forum as an outlet to communicate information and results from their work on advancements in water science, policy, management and law pertaining to South Carolina and the Southeast United States. Basic experimental and discovery science, policy analysis, developments in water and environmental law, management issues, as well as case studies are welcome submissions to be considered for publication in the Journal. We anticipate a wide range of readers across our state and region would like to learn about and engage in water resources matters. South Carolina is a water-rich state, and as our population and economy continue to expand, access to reliable and clean water resources is critically important for the resiliency, health and well-being of South Carolinians. Wider knowledge and awareness of the issues is of utmost importance to protect and make the most of our water resources.
- Editor, Timothy J. Callahan, Ph.D. - College of Charleston
photo of Bennet's View   Photo of kayakers on Saluda River

2014 - Volume 1, Issue 1

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South Carolina’s Climate Report Card:
Understanding South Carolina’s Climate Trends and Variability
Hope Mizzell, Mark Malsick and Ivetta Abramyan

Water-Level Trends in Aquifers of South Carolina
Scott V. Harder, Jospeh A. Gellici and Andrew Wachob

A Case Study in Watershed-Based Plan Development and Implementation
for the May River Watershed in Bluffton, South Carolina
Kimberly W. Jones and Ronald Bullman

Long Bay Hypoxia Monitoring Consortium
Susan Libes, Michael Trapp, Scott Kindelberger and Danielle Doremus

Green Infrastructure in Coastal Landscapes: Hydrological Function,
Ecological Design and Sustainable Land Use Guidance
Daniel R. Hitchcock, Anand D. Jayakaran and David L. White

2015 Journal Issue

Accepted manuscripts will be announced in January of 2015. The next issue of the journal will be published in August of 2015.


Timothy J. Callahan, Ph.D.
College of Charleston
Associate Professor of Geology
Director, Graduate Program in Environmental Studies

Editorial Staff

Dawn Anticole White, M.M.C.
Clemson University
Marketing Communications and Program Coordinator,
Institute of Computational Ecology

Editorial Committee

Jeffery S. Allen, Ph.D.
Clemson University
Director, Strom Thurmond Institute's S.C. Water Resources Center
Devendra Amatya, Ph.D., P.E.
USDA Forest Service
Research Hydrologist
Susan Libes, Ph.D.
Coastal Carolina University
Professor, Marine Chemistry
Program Director, Environmental Quality Lab

Calvin B. Sawyer, Ph.D.
Clemson University
Associate Director, Clemson University Center for Watershed Excellence
Assistant Professor, School of Agricultural, Forest and Environmental Sciences

The Journal of South Carolina Water Resources is an annual publication, published by the Institute of Computational Ecology and overseen by an editorial committee made up of members from the SCWRC Planning Committee.

Photo Credits:
(Top L-R) Virginia Hawkins Falls in Sunset - Courtesy of Cathy Reas Foster, Clemson University Water Resources Agent; Healing Springs in Blackville - Courtesy of SCDNR.
(Bottom L-R) Bennett’s Point in Green Pond - Courtesy of Kim Counts, Clemson University Water Resources Agent; Congaree National Park in Hopkins - Courtesy of Mary Caflisch, Clemson University Water Resources Agent.